The unique car, which can be split in half

The concept car 2Wheela combines two cars in one but not in the figurative and literal sense: if necessary, the car can be divided into two independent from each other parts that can function independently.
2Wheela created by designer Andrej Kregar, as an economical, compact and spacious vehicle for the whole family. Even more, this vehicle is able to function as a separate car for each adult member of the family, because the machine can be divided into two parts, which are operated separately from each other.

Landing in the car can be carried out either through the front or through the back door. In the connected state the rear doors of the cabins added to produce a spacious interior. 2Wheela equipped with the electronic stabilization system, which keeps uniaxial cabin on the move and economical motor, it can accelerate the car to high for urban roads speed.

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