Confirmed the existence of a superheavy element in the periodic table

For the first time this item got almost ten years ago, today's confirmation is necessary for the further official registration of the then us-Russian opening.
An international group led by scientists from Lund University (Sweden) confirmed that ununpentium exists, its atomic number is 115, and an atomic mass of 288.
The experiment on registration, which is performed in the Center for the study of heavy ion them. Helmholtz (Germany), the first independently confirmed the discovery of element; it was performed at the joint Institute for nuclear research (Dubna, Russia) on the cyclotron U-400 c using a gas-filled separator of recoil nuclei (recoil nuclei) and with the participation of scientists from the Lawrence Livermore national laboratory (USA).

Ununpentium ("one-one-fifth" in Latin) is, of course, not the final name of the element. To give it an official name, you first need independent confirmation of receipt of the item, but even then a special Commission is still to decide whether there are sufficient data in order to give the item a start in the periodic table.

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