In England after the music festival has remained unharvested tons of garbage

The festival was held, the music stopped and a 90-strong flood of people subsided, leaving behind tons of garbage at reading. But only each person left behind a few things. The result is a sea of beer cans, cigarette butts, half-eaten food, plastic packaging, lost or torn clothing, boots, sleeping bags and even tents. Especially the tent.

"Camping gear is so cheap in our days that people just buy them one at a time and do not bother to take with them when they leave," said one of the organizers of the festival. "If 8 people take a tent, it will cost them just a few dollars.

We are trying to encourage people to collect and carry away your things, but it is the issues of education. In the end, everything here is "personality".

Last year, about 20 tons of garbage went to charity — all that was not torn or damaged. It is expected that this year the weight will be even greater.
For garbage collection, the organizers will take about two weeks. Will be involved tractors with magnets to collect cans of cans and other junk metal. Lack of rain should make the task easier.

"We didn't think to throw my tent, but it is so hard to put it back in the bag...The more everyone else left their things, why couldn't we?", — asks one of the participants of the festival.
Photos provided by photographer David white, overlooked reading after the festival from a helicopter.

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