Scientists have found the remains of the ancient Scorpion

On the territory of present South Africa, the researchers found the fossilized remains of a Scorpion that lived on our planet more than 350 million years ago. Experts believe that these remains are representative of the ancient inhabitants of the now-defunct continent Gondwana.
A new species immediately called Gоndwanascorpio еmzantsiensis. Experts said that with the help of detailed experiments on found fossils, they can get a lot of information about the development of animals in South Africa before it was divided into several parts.
To date, paleontologists have found fossilized remains of the inhabitants of Pangaea, to be precise, that part of the continent, which created North America.

In one of the interviews, researchers reported that up to this point was not important evidence that Gondwana was inhabited by land organisms. Only with the help of this study confirmed the hypothesis which had been advanced by the scientific community.

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