The Russians will release the "your iPhone" in November

Smartphone YоtaPhone which the press called the "Russian iPhone", will be available for sale by November. According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", now the Russian company Yоta Dеvices holds talks with retailers and operators on the delivery of the gadget. Ordering the novelty is already possible to write on the manufacturer's website.

Yotа Dеvices evaluates the device 20 thousand rubles. But the retail sellers, the newspaper writes, want to require more for it — 22-25 thousand. The company continues to conduct negotiations that are associated with purchasing volumes and the final price of the device.

Yota Devicеs was part of the holding company "Skartel", which has the rights to the brand Yota. In 2011, the unit was allocated a separate company. In December 2012, the company announced to the masses on YоtaPhone — 4.3-inch smartphone with two screens. The device was warmly received in the Western press, and the exhibition CES in January, he was awarded the nomination "Best product" by the American edition CNET high technology.

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