What to do if crashed thermometer?

To collect the mercury should be quite cautiously and carefully, trying to prevent the separation of the balls of metal in the smaller fraction. The person that collects the mercury, should protect themselves by wearing face respirator or medical mask wet (suit and wetted with water a handkerchief), and hand — gloves. Legs have to be shoes that need to be protected disposable Shoe covers (instead fit an ordinary bag"t-shirts").
To collect the mercury from a broken thermometer, you can use two sheets of ordinary paper, a syringe, a syringe or pipette, tissue paper dipped in sunflower oil, tape, adhesive tape, cotton wool soaked with water — the choice depends on what is at hand. If the mercury fell into the cracks of the floor or baseboard, it is necessary to collect wire from amalgaminsha metals.

You need to remember that broom or vacuum cleaner to use for the collection of mercury in any case it is impossible — this will only aggravate the consequences of breaking the thermometer. If mercury gets on the carpet, it should be carefully knock out on the street, spread out on the soil film to protect the soil from contamination. Within a few months, then the carpet needs to be aired.

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