Built unique home in the form of mango

Every man in his life should plant a tree, raise a son and build a house. The famous traveler and Explorer StŠµve Aheep decided not to bother for nothing and build a house in the form of mango and not somewhere, and in Thailand. The whole construction is made out of natural materials. Construction took about 6 weeks and about $ 6,000. If you consider all costs, including furniture, exotic home in the form of exotic fruit flew into $10,000.

The shape of the building was chosen not by accident. The house is located on a mango farm and is just 46 square metres.
Heating and hot water is missing, but there is nothing strange, if we consider that we are not talking about holodnoy of Russia, and Thailand, where there is always sunshine.

Steve Areen wanted to install a rooftop solar array to the supplied housing with electricity.

Incredible house liked it so much that they are already in the queue to Steve, so he built them the same. The traveler, in principle, not against it.

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