The family purchased the old house and found it a real treasure

The family bought an old house and earned $ 6 million. Five foot box went to the man for £ 100 for a private sale in 1970. Then the buyer couldn't evaluate the subject's dignity. After his recent death, antique drawer found a family that bought a house during cleaning. They sent the finding to the auction. The box is made of cedar wood and painted with gold lacquer, was lost by a Japanese chest Dating back to 1640. The Victoria and albert Museum was in search of a valuable item around the world since the last memories of him in 1941. This trunk, one of the ten existing in the world, was not seen in the house in South Kensington, less than a mile to the Museum.

At the auction, the exhibit bought the Rijksmuseum for 6.3 million pounds. "This trunk has created the best of the best masters. So it has remained to this day. He has an incredible story that makes it even more valuable. It is strange that it found only during cleaning after the owner's death. This work is of the highest quality and finishing details. The auction had the impression that the box actually belongs to our Museum. We are honored to add this piece to the collection," commented Menno Vitsky, curator of the Department of East Asian art at the state Museum of Amsterdam.

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