The most original gadgets for coffee lovers

60% of our population begins their day with a Cup of coffee. Liking for the drink connects men and women, rich and not very young and the elderly. Therefore, if someone can not choose other gift for new year or Christmas, you can choose a gift exactly on the theme of coffee.
Miniature coffee maker from Bialetti Percolator

Cup with handle-ring

And while readers look at the coffee maker and cups, let's talk about the most interesting facts about coffee. For example, if today doctors warn their patients from the frequent use of drink, in the 17th century people were confident in the healing properties of coffee. Tsar Alexei was attributed to the beverage during the cold and head pain, and in the East coffee was treated gout, poor eyesight and scurvy.
Original soft thermos for coffee from Grower's

If you believe the ancient doctors, and to consider how much coffee drank Balzac (up to 60 cups a day), it is possible in absentia to consider it incredibly healthy. Near his left Beethoven and Voltaire, which aggravated his bad habit, reinforcing the strength of the drink.
Keyboard with cups for espresso

You need to recognize that doctors of the 17th century soon ceased to overestimate coffee and believe in its healing abilities. In addition, during the reign of Gustav the 3rd court said that tea and coffee can kill a person.

Mini bag for biscuit

You may also need a Cup-tumbler, which is impossible to overturn.

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