The most expensive diamonds

Diamond "Pink star" at Sotheby's in London. It is a pink diamond in 59,60 carats, which is the most expensive of all, which was put up for auction. Geneva diamond sold for a record price of $ 83 million.

Bright blue 10.48 carat diamond at auction in Geneva. Diamond took of 10.86 million dollars November 14, 2012.
Ring with white diamond 52.82 carats, the auction Sotheby's on 12 April 2010 in London. The ring was sold in Geneva on may 10, 2010 8 533 345 $.
An employee of auction house Sotheby's is the world's largest oval white diamond carat 118,28. It was sold in Hong Kong October 7, 2013 for $ 30.5 million.

Incredible Annenberg diamond of 32.01 carats on the ring, which is framed by two diamonds in the form of pearls weighing 1.5 and 1.61 carats. The ring was sold for 7.7 million dollars.

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