Places on the planet where people do without cars

The Island Of Tangier
On the island of Tangier is living close to 650 people who speak English, the Irish language. Locals know about the price of clean air they breathe. The islanders move only on foot, and the external connection to the world they are doing with boats.

Parismina (Costa Rica)
There are no paved roads — in this tiny village, the only vehicle is a tractor. It is used for transportation of garbage collected. It is noteworthy that in Parismina no mail and banks. But there is a sea turtles — they swim on the sandy beach to lay eggs.

The Island Of Hydra (Greece)
The Hydra island is only 32 sq km of land in the Aegean sea. There is not used cars, and access to the island are via ferries and boats. To move around the island using a water taxi, which runs around the island and on the island all transportations occur on donkeys.

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