5 things that need to get done before the end of 2013

1. To go to Thailand without paying the tourist tax
2014 all tourists when entering Thailand will have to pay a special tax. For being in the country for more than 3 days you will need to pay 500 Thai baht (a little less than 500 rubles).
2. Smoke on the Hawaiian beach
For those who wish to enjoy a cigarette on the Hawaiian beach, just a few days. From 1 January 2014 will enter into force a ban on Smoking on the beach, in parks, at pools and at the bus stops.

Sixty one million two hundred eighty one thousand seven hundred sixty

3. To go to the cruise in Venice
Residents of Venice are not the first year asked the Italian authorities to limit the flow of tourists who fill the city sinking (according to U.S. experts, the soil settles to 4 mm). Rim has finally heard the pleas of the Venetians, and from the first of January 2014, the access of large ships in the port of Venice lagoon will be prohibited.
4.Hunt in Botswana
The king of Spain Juan Carlos I, who in 2012 participated in the hunt for elephants in Botswana, you will need to find a new place for shooting animals. From 1 January 2014 in this African country can be armed with only a photo or a video camera: the authorities impose a ban on hunting.

Twenty one million four hundred thirty two thousand seven hundred ninety eight

5. Like in Google Glass until they have appeared at all
Google promises that "smart glasses" will appear on the mass market next year, and while a few thousand Google Glass handed to the application developers. The few lucky ones prohibited not only sell glasses, but even to transfer them for temporary use to someone else.

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