Good habits, which takes only a minute

1. Clean language
To prevent tooth decay or gum disease, you must brush your teeth every day and use dental floss. Another important step in oral hygiene that is often overlooked, cleanup language.
On the back of the tongue accumulates bacteria and other germs, which becomes a cause of bad breath. Thus, after you brush your teeth, also gently brush the surface of your tongue, from the root to the tip. If you do this, at least once per day, you will be removed from the language of particles of plaque, bacteria and tiny pieces of food, and your breath will be fresh

2. Sneeze into elbow
When you have no handkerchief to cover mouth and nose when sneezing, preferably, according to the Centers for control and prevention of disease, sneezing in elbow or forearm. It is important in this case to avoid using the palms which can be not very pure, and thus poprivetstvoval the spread of germs.

3. Turn water into lemonade
If the drinking water will seem tasteless, then let the water play with new flavors and colors: put in a glass or bottle couple slices of lime, lemon or orange. Also great choice a few berries — strawberries, raspberries or another berry of your choice.

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