The tiny device will allow you to control the smartphone with a glance

Eye Tribe — a small addition to the phone, which adds to the device control function... look! This tiny sensor can be connected to the Micro-USB connector and it will track the movements of pupils. So, for example, you can play Fruit Ninja and cut the fruit in half just by staring at it!

You can control and tablet — it invented the extra strap that is attached to the bottom of the front panel, below the display. How can I track from the video, the gaze direction is actually not very convenient as everyone thinks. This is probably due to nedorabotannost technology — sensor handles each movement of the pupil, which will make the cursor a highly sensitive, causing him to twitch.

Besides, it is not very well implemented the tracking of head movements — the game would pause, you need only turn your head to the side, for example.

But apparently, the developer has no plans to release the device for General use. Instead the panel will serve as an example of the presentation of the new technology.

Source: /users/413


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