Wi-Fi will charge our gadgets

Some scientists think that in the future we may use devices that do not need traditional charge from the wire. And all because the gadgets will be recharged using electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi networks. Current lithium-ion batteries will not be able to provide the current needs, plus they pollute the environment, getting dumped. That is why the development of "smart" batteries brand new type — one of the main directions of future technologies. And the first steps have already been made. Siamat Gollakota from the University of Washington (Seattle) invented the device without batteries. The method consists in the interaction of wireless devices with existing energy air from appliances, cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

But this is only an isolated example, because that technology came on the market, it must be approved by the major market players: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google. And everything to go. It is enough to trace the last movements of engineers who are developing new batteries.

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