Hybrid solar cooker will allow to cook on cloudy days and at night

Even if you live in the house where You have access to all modern communications, together with light and gas, you probably will not refuse the opportunity to reduce your utility bill, for example, using the free solar energy for cooking. Naturally, it is possible to collect solar installation on their own, but many would like to buy a ready-made device that works on solar energy.

Given this trend, the company, Sun BD Corporation not so long ago showed the world a new kind of solar/electric hybrid stove that can run on solar heat and the ordinary mains power. The SunFocus oven is double glazed, which cover the mirror panel to increase the concentration of solar heat, and has a cooking chamber volume (34,29 cm x 48.26 cm x 15,87 cm). And it all fits in a small suitcase weighing 30 pounds.

On Sunny days, cooking oven uses only solar heat, but if built-in thermostat shows that the temperature falls below a certain level (for example, due to cloud cover or at night), then automatically turns on the electric heating element with a relatively low rated power of 465 Watts. He will be able to work from the mains AC (via power adapter 120 V) and from the source of DC power with the inverter.

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