Created the first eco-friendly taxi without driver

Chevrolet EN-V of the time manufactured, as a two-seater, the power of which was provided with lithium batteries. And this device could run 40 miles without charging. Although drive in a big city, he doesn't need more. The main purpose of this project, with a small footprint to put an end to the city hated the traffic.

But that's not all a miracle. If the car is over charging, you can recharge it again by connecting to an ordinary electrical outlet.
Another universal problem, which appeared with the advent of cars. This lack of space for Parking. But this little electrocare, it is rarely necessary space for manoeuvring for Parking.

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And so in the city it was comfortable to maneuver, this car was equipped with advanced navigation devices. They have built the sensors that give the ability to move automatically. It's pretty convenient for people with disabilities.But the idea of a car without a driver, and soon the idea was implemented. Passed successful tests. And scientists decided in Milton Keynes this CT to be done by public transport. However, while for short distances.

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