Pollution killed seven million people in the world

The who released a report that showed how acute was the problem of air pollution in the modern world. According to the document, the dirty air was the cause of death of approximately 7 million people in just one 2012. The organization notes that most air pollution affects the inhabitants of the Asia-Pacific region. This part of the planet had around 6 million dead. City in South-East Asia and the Pacific region that are below the poverty line, constitute the main risk group.

Of these, the most vulnerable, the speakers called on women and children who are forced to be indoors where the heating and fire for cooking is produced by burning wood or coal. The products of combustion are deposited on the lungs of women and their children that leads to chronic obstructive lung disease. Air pollution often causes strokes, cardiovascular diseases and causes the formation of cancerous tumors.

Who said that the dirty air has become the most dangerous environmental factor for human, as every eighth fatal case associated with it. And we are talking not only about global change in the qualitative composition of the atmosphere. The share of the dirty atmospheric air to account for less than half of the deaths of 2.6 million people. Another 3.3 million died because of the poor quality of air in living or working spaces. Who experts noted that the risks increased significantly for those people who are prone to heart diseases. Therefore, the struggle for the reduction of emissions could save millions of lives – emphasizes Maria Neira, Director of who Department of public health.

If we consider the percentage of illnesses caused by air pollution, we get the following picture. The dirty atmospheric air will cause mortality, with 40% allocated for stroke and coronary heart disease, 11% for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), 6% – lung cancer and the remaining 3% — acute infections of the lower respiratory tract in children. Deaths caused by low air quality areas are divided differently: 34% stroke, 26% is ischemic heart disease 22% – COPD 12% take the acute infections of the lower respiratory tract, and 6% for lung cancer.

Source: zeleneet.com


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