Facts about pollution

Approximately 1/3 of the male fish in British rivers are in the process of gender reassignment because of water pollution. Hormones entering into drains, including a part of female contraceptives are considered the main cause of this phenomenon.
On average, 1,000 children in India die from diarrhea of ​​other diseases that develop from drinking contaminated water every day.
Americans buy more than 29 million plastic water bottles a year. To make these bottles, it is necessary to use 17 million barrels of crude oil, which would be enough to provide fuel a million cars a year. Only 13% of these bottles is recycled. To decompose completely these bottles require century, and if they burn, it is difficult to imagine how many harmful substances, including heavy metals, will be thrown into the air.
In 2011, after the tsunami in Japan formed a floating island 70 miles long, consisting of houses, plastics, machinery and radioactive waste, which is slowly drifting into the Pacific Ocean. Experts suggest that this mass is reached after two years of Hawaii, and a year later doplyvet to the US west coast.
After the tsunami of 2011 in the world of the nuclear crisis broke out, the Japanese government allowed discharge into the Pacific Ocean 11 million liters of radioactive water. A few days later, 80 kilometers from the coast began to catch fish contaminated by radiation.
One of the most common and dangerous environmental pollutants is cadmium, which kills the germ cells of human embryos. Cadmium has spread in the environment so that it is present in almost everything we eat and drink.
7 billion pounds of trash, mostly plastic, is released into the world's oceans each year.
Nearly a million seabirds die from the effects of plastic waste every year. More than 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish is killed by mindless pollution.
Environmental pollution in China affects the weather in the United States. To air pollution came from China to America, you need only five days. Once in the atmosphere over the United States, harmful airborne contaminants do not give a normal form of rain and snow clouds, and, therefore, less rain falls.
2010 study determined that children living near freeways, have a greater risk of developing autism than those who live far away from roads. Scientists believe that this risk is associated with a large number of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere by road.
Indian Ganges River is considered one of the most polluted in the world. Pollution include sewage, hit debris, food and animal remains. In some places the Ganges just contagious, because it is half floating body cremated adults and wrapped in blankets, their dead children.
From 1956 to 1968, one of the plants in Japan dumped directly into the sea mercury from that infect fish. In the future, these toxic metals were infected more than 2,000 people who ate the fish, and many of them died.
It is believed that the walls of the ancient Greek Acropolis crumbled more due to acid rains over the past 40 years than in all the previous 2, 5 thousand years. About 40% of China's territory is subject to constant exposure to acid rain, and by 1984 half of the trees of the famous Black Forest in Germany has been damaged by such precipitation.
In 1986, the largest in the history of mankind disaster at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyls immediately killed 30 people and gradually took about another 9,000 lives. So far, 30 km zone around the Chernobyl reactor remains uninhabitable.
Although Botswana lives only 2 million people, it is considered the second country in the world pollution. Pollution caused by mining and forest fires are the main causes.
The world's largest smelting complex of heavy metals is in the Siberian city of Norilsk. The average life expectancy is 10 years lower than in other Russian cities.
A study of 60 beaches in South Carolina showed that water pollution is becoming a peak tides that occur at the new moon and full moon.
Cars produced in 1985, emit about 38 times more carbon monoxide than the 2001 model year. BMW models pollute the air less likely, at the time, as Chrysler and Mitsubishi were the worst on this indicator. In addition, cars with lower fuel consumption pollute the atmosphere less.
In December 1952, in London, was formed so strong I could, that killed 4,000 people, and in the next two weeks killed another 12 thousand inhabitants. The main reason was the fire of coal.
In the US, every day is thrown about 130 thousand computers, and more than 100 million mobile phones are thrown away each year.
Soot and smoke from the fires, bred for cooking directly in the rooms (which is still uncommon in underdeveloped countries), killing nearly two million people a year, which is higher than the mortality caused by malaria.
The Mississippi River brings in the Gulf of Mexico about 1, 5 million cubic meters of nitrate per year, creating every summer in the Gulf "dead zone", equal to the size of New Jersey.
Worldwide die each year about 15 million children from disease, they become infected after ingestion of drinking water.
The average family in North America, Europe and Australia emits more than 1 ton of waste annually.


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