Goats - Park attendants

As is known, the problem of environmental pollution is to modern society a serious problem. Environmentalists advocate for an end to the use of hazardous substances and technologies, could cause a deterioration of the existing situation. All over the world are trying to find safe ways of farming and to develop methods of cleaning the environment from pollution.

In the framework of environmental protection in Western Japan in the Yamaguchi Prefecture decided to conduct an interesting ecological experiment. Its essence lies in the fact that in one of the parks of the city of Ube for weed control do not use chemicals or mechanical devices and an ordinary domestic goat.

According to the organizers of the experiment, the use of animals in weed control will help in the future to get rid of the use of herbicides and various mechanical devices, with their polluting exhaust gases to the environment.

Goats belong to the local farmer. They were released to the Playground in the Park, with a total area of 2.5 hectares. After a week the goats will graze in this area, experts will determine the effectiveness of their "work" and if the experiment succeeds, the number of weeds in the Park significantly reduced, the Japanese experts will prepare recommendations on the use of goats as a green nurses.

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