The scientist proposed to deal with the hurricanes with wind turbines

As you know, the Atlantic coast of the United States are regularly exposed to the invasion of destructive hurricanes like sandy and Katrina, the damage from which is estimated in billions of dollars and hundreds of victims. An original way to confront this terrible scourge suggested mark Jacobson, a specialist of Stanford University, more than a quarter century dealing with the weather simulation.
In the way of the raging elements, it is suggested to install wind turbines. Scientists using computer modeled three of the most powerful hurricane in recent years – Katrina, sandy and Isaac. The result of the experiment exceeded the most optimistic forecasts – a barrier of wind turbines have reduced wind speed at 150 km/h and surge waves by nearly 80 %.

Now the problem is how to convince stakeholders in the construction of tens of thousands of wind turbines along the long-suffering East coast. According to the author, it is much cheaper annually caused damage and over time, wind generators will begin to generate income, because the United States will receive an enormous source of clean energy.



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