Useful properties and interesting facts about coffee

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Coffee is often consumed drink. Unrivalled and inimitable, known for its properties, it contains a lot of secrets and mysteries. It is necessary to know not only the advantages of the coffee but also clear disadvantages coffee. This article will introduce you with amazing facts about coffee that you did not know.

One. Coffee drinking is not only a traditional cooked recipe, but cold. However, he is not just cold. The coffee still need to add ice. Cold coffee is a great way to raise energy levels in hot and sultry day.

2. If you have a desire to feel fully the stimulating effects of caffeine, it is recommended to drink brewed coffee, not instant. Brewed coffee contains two times more caffeine.

3. "Russian-style coffee" — a famous recipe of coffee. This drink is made to add vodka. Oddly enough, the birthplace of this recipe is not Russia, and Germany.

Four. In the United States of America live in the greatest coffee lovers. It was in America that grow coffee with the rich taste. And all because this variety is grown in the volcanic soil of Hawaii.

5. Coffee called Kopi Luwak – the most expensive and unattractive for mining. It grows on the island of Sumatra. The coffee beans are going and instead of food fed to the animal Luwak. In the stomach of the beast, the flesh is digested, and grains come naturally. The cost of coffee from these grains is 1000 Euro per kilogram.

Six. There are many ways of making coffee. Most useful recognized as the Scandinavian method. It consists in boiling the ground coffee.

Seven. Many people know that strong coffee — an indispensable method to regain your strength after large doses of alcohol. Do not consume this drink together with alcohol. The fact that after a temporary sobering up strong coffee able several times to strengthen the state of alcoholic intoxication.

Eight. There are recipes of preparation of coffee, which to many people seems very strange. Among them are coffee with butter, pepper and even garlic.

9. So-called instant invigorating effect from a Cup of coffee is just fiction. The fact that caffeine begins its effects on the brain only after thirty minutes. The invigorating effect lasts from two to six hours.

Ten. Ali you suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, coffee is absolutely contraindicated. It's very simple: coffee increases stomach amount of hydrochloric acid. The result is exacerbated by diseases such as gastritis, pancreatitis and others.



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