Season 4 peels for every age skin

Peels differ in the mechanism and the degree of exposure and the period of rehabilitation. Depending on what stage is the patient's skin, beauticians recommend the necessary treatment. The stage of maturation of the skin consist of 4 stages, treatments peels each of which was considered by the experts "Aesthete-Porale". So:
The first stage to 25 years – no wrinkles
Young girls are often faced with the problem of dry, rough and dull skin, which in the future is a lot of hassle. In this case, can help Estra-superficial peeling. This is a gentle procedure that gently and painlessly remove a thin top layer of the epidermis and restore skin's natural radiance.

The second stage 25 — 35 years old – dynamic wrinkles
In this age appear the first signs of aging: small changes in the structure of the skin, blotchy spots, wrinkles around the eyes. Beauticians recommend the use of superficial chemical peeling. The most popular is peeling using glycolic acid. It can help you to get rid of fine wrinkles, light pigmentation of the skin, and at the same time and a small amount of unwanted freckles.
The third stage 35 — 50 years – the static wrinkles
The wrinkles that are noticeable even at rest, distinct pigment spots, vascular sealing and redness of the skin. At this age the recommended more effective middle peeling. He destroys the first layer of the dermis and provokes the enhanced cell regeneration. Middle of chemical peel smoothes out deep wrinkles and evens the complexion.
The fourth stage of 50 years and older, deep wrinkles
During this period, the skin aging is gaining momentum. Wrinkles become deeper, begin to spread around the face, skin color intensive changes, the face is covered with a vascular net. For best results, beauticians apply a deep peel, which destroys the first and second layers of the dermis. Deep wrinkles are the most difficult to overcome with the help of peels, so the best results are observed when using peels along with Facials and active cosmetics.



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