How to grow a peach tree in your garden

Sometimes I want something unusual in your apartment (house). Nowadays, fortunately, you can do anything, if only it was a pleasure. So, today anyone can easily grow on your windowsill peach, tangerine, lemon and other citrus tree which will smell, and to please their owner delicious fruits. Of course, there are some basic rules to care for a house plant, but to execute them will be able to absolutely everyone.

We should start with how to grow a peach tree. Some use the usual pit of the fruit, others buy it in the store. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the unusual tree can easily tolerate adverse temperatures up to 0 degrees. But it is impossible not to note that you need to know what varieties of plants suitable for room conditions and which are not. Among the suitable types stand out: Nobles; white Nectarine, pineapple; early rivers and the Winner.

The peach tree is a perennial plant that loves shade and dark room areas. In this regard, it is best to place it in a warm under the sun and preferably in a well-ventilated area. To peach bloomed and fruited, it is necessary to create favorable conditions, for example, constantly to bear it (according to season) in a warm corner of the apartment. It is known that adult plants are able to survive more harsh temperatures even 10 degrees, but don't risk the health of your "baby". It is very important to water the peach, for example, in summer, it requires a large amount of water, in the winter the procedure is limited. It is also practiced by spraying the leaves, but not necessarily, especially in the flowering period.

Do not forget to periodically feed the tree. This is best done in the spring. The soil itself should consist of peat, sand, leaves, humus and turf. Then the plant will feel perfect. The core is drainage, it should be present in pot. Fertilizing should be carried out 1-2 times a month, it is best that it consisted of a mixture of mineral and organic matter.

If you decide to propagate a peach, then you cannot do without the inoculation of the rootstocks. In addition, trees need regular trimming. This process not only positively affect the plant, but also serve as a prophylactic against many diseases. In case if you see any signs of moths or aphids, immediately to handle a peach with special chemicals that will further complete its development.



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