Scientists have created sperm out of skin cells



A group of scientists from the Institute of Stanford have succeeded in creating their sperm

at the first developmental stage using in order cells of male skin.Scientists experience found,

as they believe, can be a major starting point in solving problems with infertility in men. Currently, scientists approved the project, is in the development stage,

however, they have already made the assumption that the nearest time they will achieve their

goal of finding a cure for this disease.

Recall that to come to these conclusions, scientists were able, after a little experience on laboratory rodents, which were grafted artificial male sperm.

Also a group of scientists was awarded the statistics of fifteen percent of couples that are experiencing problems

with infertility, the cause of which acts as a genetic disorder of the representatives of the stronger sex.


Scientists have unraveled the secret of eternal youth.

A group of American and British researchers have uncovered the secret of eternal youth. To prevent aging of the skin, you need only to awaken in a state of "hibernation" stem cells

which perform the regenerative function. A computer model has allowed scientist to come to the conclusion that the human organism throughout life loses the ability to activation of skin stem cells,

which is the restoration and rejuvenation of the skin. For many years, scientists worked to develop methods


Scientists have created heart muscle cells from brain and skin. Scientists recently managed to reprogram

brain cells and skin into heart cells, using RNA (ribonucleic acid),

a molecule related to DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which is required to create proteins in the cell. For the first time the direct conversion of this type using this method was completed successfully. In General, cells of the heart muscle can operation providing for the restoration of damaged hearts

Scientists first cloned a human embryo. The process is the same

which was used to clone Dolly the sheep in 1996, was no less effective for people.

Scientists have created a clone of a human embryo using DNA taken from skin cells. In the future, this process can be used to create stem cells

which will fully correspond to DNA of the patient. A team of biologists from the US and Thailand expressed doubt that the clone is able to develop into a full human. The article, with a detailed explanation of the reasons for their doubts



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