Scientists—blood transfusion rejuvenates the body

Young blood is capable to overcome part of the signs of aging. To such conclusion experts of the American research Institute of the blood. Factor contributing to drafting scientific experts this unusual conclusion was they have simple experiences in experimental laboratory mice.

In the experiment, the old rodents were transfused the blood of young mice, after which scientists and compiled into this sensational conclusion.

Mouse old age after transfusion of young blood, they became more active than before these events, finding, among other things, also the ability to adapt to new conditions and full recovery of memory. All changes of experimental rodents, occurred due to synthesize protein "Creb", which in large quantities is prevalent in the blood of young mice.

According to the data presented by scientists at a press conference to journalists, this document will allow them in future to supply the relevant experiments on people and maybe to find a possible cure against aging.


Young blood slows down aging of the brain. A transfusion of young people in the body of middle-aged people can delay the onset of certain age-related diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and keep the brain healthy for longer period of time, reports the Telegraph. A study conducted by researchers from Stanford University, involved a series of experiments on laboratory mice. Old animals, as it turned out, which were injected with blood of their young counterparts, showed in tests on the memory status the best

Soon, patients will receive artificial blood. For 2016. scheduled latest sensational study, in which patients are transfused artificial blood made from human stem cells. The bulk of the transfusion of donor blood substitute for transfusion of erythrocyte mass, that is, the primary blood component, to which a number of advantages in comparison with whole blood. It is regrettable, but to prepare Named the most harmful drink. American specialists recently conducted research in which it was clearly established that carbonated beverages, including the legendary Cola, are not just harmful but dangerous. Some studies confirmed the fact that the majority of carbonated drinks affects the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract in General. About what harm to carry these products with regard to cardiovascular system, experts the researchers did not report, however, made some important statements



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