Scientists, mental illness shorten life

The scientific staff of the University of Oxford came to the following conclusion: people who suffer from mental disorders, are much less. For example, a serious illness takes up to 24 years of life. After calculations, the experts have identified that a similar result is likely when Smoking each day, 20 cigarettes.

First and foremost, patients with mental disorders are prone to suicide, and in addition unnecessarily at risk. Also, due to the negative attitude of the society towards such patients very often they examine, as they say, carelessly on the presence of certain physical abnormalities.

Experts compared the results of 20 studies which investigate the relationship between mortality and mental illness. In addition, the data were analyzed 1.7 million and 250 thousand deaths. It appears that bipolar disorder, for example, shortens the patients life by 20 years, life expectancy in schizophrenia is reduced by 20 years, 11 years, live less people who suffer recurrent depression. The usual smokers live shorter lives on average 10 years. Alcoholism and drug even worse – experts put the figure to 24.

According to experts, this kind of problem must be addressed directly at the state level. This requires that they focus directly on human mental health. Very often psychological problems cause many physical consequences.



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