"FF House"—the contemporary Brazilian house


Big house (553 square meters) called "FF House" built on the Studio project "Guilherme Torres" from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to paraná (Londrina). Residence designed for a family of two adults and two children. Architects with accuracy fulfilled all the wishes of customers who wanted a modern house with maximum use of natural materials. In the architecture used the principle of "four cubes", for walls and floors simultaneously used stone and expensive wood, in the interiors – a large number of modern metal jewelry abstract shape. The designers used all the known techniques of the art of illumination, expensive decking to framing the pool. Meanwhile, a house with a huge bleak hallways, glass walls, stone mosaics wall does not look residential. Rather, it is similar to a hotel lobby or the exhibition of achievements of modern standard design.


Source: yellowhome.ru


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