Nobel laureate endorsed the alternative energy of Kazakhstan

Nobel laureate Professor Klaus Thiessen, who is known worldwide as an expert on solar energy, believes that the true patriots of Kazakhstan simply must engage in solar energy.

Because they have so much open space, wind and sun, not to take advantage of this natural wealth is simply impossible. He considers it a kind of omen the fact that on the flag of Kazakhstan depicts the huge sun against blue sky.

The Nobel laureate was impressed by the potential of the region in the field of renewable energy. In particular, he was pleased to see the plant for the production of solar panels.

The famous German physicist said that the exhibition in Ust-Kamenogorsk he saw a number of interesting projects on alternative energy, including solar, wind and bioenergy. Klaus Thiessen believes that Germany will seek to establish close ties with Kazakhstan.

The Nobel laureate believes that Kazakhstan should use the opportunities given by nature, and not to develop nuclear energy.

However, he noted that in Germany generally "turn off" the last nuclear power station in 10 years. Therefore, Kazakhstan is on the right track of choosing the "green economy" and "green energy".
Finally, the world expert spoke about how 20 years ago during a business trip to MSU, he managed to get to the lecture of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, in which first dealt with the Eurasian path of development.

Klaus Thiessen believes that Nazarbayev has consistently embodies this idea together with his people.

Also, the Professor recalls that Charles de Gaulle once said that the Eurasian zone is required to extend from Vladivostok to Lisbon. The scientist says that the idea of Eurasianism is a very important goal, because then there will be conflicts between the individual regions.



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