Scientists told how to stop the aging process

American scientists claim that the speed with which every particular person gets older, 70% depends on how many toxins are in their environment. The remaining 30% comes from its genetic characteristics.

This, according to experts from the University of North Carolina, due to the fact that one person can look 50 years old, and the other at 30, while the both of them for 40 years.

Previously, individual rate of aging explained solely by genetic features. It was believed that heredity predominates over the human reality.

However, American scientists have proved that it is not. They were able to identify the specific class of toxins – gerontogene that provoke premature aging is exactly the same as carcinogens increase the probability of occurrence of cancer.

Gerontogene belong to a special class of toxins that are in the environment. Quite a lot of them in tobacco smoke, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and many others. Despite the difference of origin, all gerontogenes have one thing in common. They have the ability to significantly speed up the processes of natural human aging.

Experts from North Carolina state University have developed a simple test to detect the toxins that should be avoided for one to as long as possible to stay in great shape.

The test is based on the fact that aging is a biological natural process damages healthy cells of the body, as well as dysfunction of their ability to divide. After some time, the body accumulates a large mass of damaged cells, which consumes resources and produces in response to hormones, carrying inflammatory functions.

The most powerful accelerators of aging on test results of steel ultraviolet rays and tobacco smoke, but the obesity on these processes is having a very indirect effect.

To some extent, to neutralize the effects of environmental toxins can exercise, mandatory daily walks in the fresh air.

However, scientists note that it is necessary to abandon bad habits and to completely revise the conditions in which a person lives, replacing them with more healthy. Only in this case you can slow down the aging process and add a few extra years of life.



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