Elon Musk reveals the Tesla charging technology


Elon Musk reveals the Tesla charging technology. He said this during the British premiere of an electric car Tesla Model S. In this case we are talking about the structure of the Tesla Supercharger network of free charging stations Tesla for the sake of creating a single standard for all electric vehicles.

The partnership is the principle of "bought a car — refuel all my life for free." He is also willing to expenditure for expansion of the network of electric charging stations, which should be as low as possible. Tesla does not pay even the rent of land is part of US policy to support electric cars.

On the other hand, other manufacturers are also developing their own standards, and not the fact that they agree with the proposal of Elon musk. But the thing is that the prices for electricity are already "sewn up" in the price of the Tesla, it increases the cost of the already expensive electric cars. Mr. Mask is advantageous, as it operates in the premium segment, but it is not profitable to these companies, such as Toyota and Nissan, who are trying to produce cheap electric cars.

Source: zeleneet.com


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