Electric car with aluminum-air battery drove 1,600 kilometres on a single charge

At the beginning of June in Montreal, Canada hosted the international aluminium conference CIAC 2014, which this year marked a milestone for the global automotive industry event. At United States steel Corporation and Alcoa, the manufacturer of transmissions for electric vehicles Phinergy (Israel), presented a jointly developed electric car, which went to the innovative aluminum-air battery that provides the vehicle more than a thousand of kilometers of Autonomous run.

Phinergy representatives during the presentation of a unique electric vehicle said that the new battery is, in fact, to call it new impossible. Technique in which water is the basis of the electrolyte, and an aluminum plate oxidized by exposure to air, have long been known, but attempts to use it in the automotive industry, undertaken for the first time.

Tests have shown that in the course of operation, the owner of such vehicle will be forced once a month to fill the system with clean water to maintain the chemical reaction. In this chart a single battery, consisting of fifty aluminum plates will last for years of use.

Test battery mounted on the electric vehicle shown, is still too expensive for annual replacement, but the developers are sure that when you run them in industrial production, the aluminum-air battery can be easily reduce to an acceptable level.

And the fact that this type of car batteries will be a success, can not be doubted, as even during the presentation a number of global automakers have expressed interest in cooperation with Phinergy and Alcoa.

But to talk about the specific timing of the emergence of vehicles with such batteries on the conveyor, it is difficult, as the process of their launch into production can take several years. But at the same time the very appearance of technology capable of solving the main problem of the industry the development of electric vehicles, gives hope for further dynamic development.

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Source: zeleneet.com


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