10 life lessons from Confucius

The philosophy of the great Chinese thinker focused on moral issues as with personal and social point of view. Confucius taught about the correctness of social relationships, justice and equality.

1. Just keep walking "no Matter how slow You go, as long as You don't stop". If you continue to go on the right path, then eventually you will reach your desired destination. Hard work needs to be done sequentially. People seeking success is the one who remains committed to the idea and, despite the circumstances, moving towards its goal.

2. Your friends have the value "Never make friendship with a person who is not better than You". Your friends are a prophecy your future. You go where they already are. This is a good reason to look for friends that are moving in the same direction that you have chosen. So surround yourself with people with fire in heart!

3. For good you have to pay. "It is easy to hate and hard to love. This is based on many things in our lives. All good difficult to achieve, and much easier to get something bad." It explains a lot. It's easier to hate, easier to be negative, it is easier to justify. Love, forgiveness and generosity require a big heart, a great mind and a lot of effort.

4. First, prepare your tools "Life expectancy depend on the zeal and diligence. Mechanic who wants to improve his work must first prepare their tools". Confucius said: "Success depends on prior preparation, and without such preparation will be a failure." Whatever you do in life, if you want to succeed, first You must prepare. Even the biggest failure can accelerate the path to success.


5. Nothing wrong with that you wrong There's nothing wrong with that you made a mistake, unless you continue to remember it. Do not worry on trifles. Committing mistakes is not a great crime. Don't let errors spoil your day. Don't let negativity occupy your thoughts. There is nothing wrong in committing mistakes! Celebrate your mistakes!

6. Pay attention to the consequences "When you're angry, think about the consequences." Solomon said: "slow to anger is better than the mighty, and owning him better than the conqueror of a city." Always remember to maintain composure and think about the consequences.

7. Make adjustments "If it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action". If your goals do not seem feasible this year, now is a good time to coordinate your plan to achieve them. Don't take failure as an option, adjust your sails success and move smoothly towards its goal.

8. You can learn from each "If I go with two other people, each of them will serve as my teacher. I'll imitate the good traits of one of them, and to correct the disadvantages of the other." You can and should learn from everyone, be it a crook or a Saint. Every life is a story filled with lessons, ripe for collecting. For example, you can take something good and useful for yourself from 7 life lessons will Smith or to draw knowledge from 10 Golden lessons Einstein.

9. All-or-nothing "whatever You do in life, do it with all your heart." Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly or don't do at all. To succeed in life you need to give all the best you are able, and then you will live without regrets.

10. Once to the great Chinese philosopher Confucius came to visit very educated at the time the lady asked him: — Tell me, Confucius, why when a woman has many lovers, it is subjected to public censure, and when a man has many women, then that's fine. Before you answer Confucius silently made tea and poured it into six cups. — Tell, — he asked her after that, when a tea pot pouring the tea in six cups, is this normal? Yes. — the woman answered. — See Confucius answered — when one Cup is poured, including six dummies?..


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