Genetics say that the Yeti is the brother of the polar bear


Oxford University geneticist Bryan Sykes conducted the first scientific study of hair of mysterious creatures. For the analysis of Sykes used a technique the FBI, the secret service used to search for criminals by DNA. As samples, the researcher took the hair found at the meeting of man with the Yeti, big foot in different parts of the globe.

Of the 30 samples, 28 of the hairs showed similarities to known animals: cows, bears, raccoons. But DNA from two hairs showed belonging to a fossil polar bear that lived on the planet 40 thousand years ago. One of the samples was found in the bamboo forests of Bhutan, the second Yeti hair found on the border of Tibet and India, 40 years ago.

Professor Sykes said: "They are almost certainly still there and the next step will be to find them. It's either really a kind of a polar bear or a hybrid of a grizzly bear". The scientist added that the polar bear is the only type of animals that specifically hunt humans. Therefore, if Bigfoot is a relative of his, it explains his terrible reputation.



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