The ancient yew, age more than five thousand years discovered in England


The ancient yew tree, the age of which according to experts is more than five thousand years old, found in old Welsh cemetery, near Sennybridge, in one of the districts of England.

To determine the age of the tree, experts used DNA analysis and counted the number of annual rings. Throughout the UK there are many such trees but this giant, with a height of 60 feet, is the most ancient.

Expert Janis fry sure: "I am convinced that this is the oldest tree in Europe.The yew was planted on the North side of the ancient mound, which is currently a cemetery. He's so old that is divided into two halves — one 40ft (12 metres) wide, the other about 20 feet (6 meters) wide. His DNA was tested in Forestry Institute, and the number of rings: 120 per inch, shows its age 5,000 years.

Usually yew trees can live 400 to 600 years, but some have a much greater age. One of the reasons for longevity is the ability to split under the weight of the crown into two pieces without serious damage, that distinguishes tis from other trees. Another reason lies in its ability to give life to new shoots, even in old age.



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