16 cards in the world, which is not taught in school

Now you will better understand the world. Why invent new, if the card can be called an ancient form of infographics? You can simply choose the criteria to select the desired color space and visual data about the world are ready. Here would be no data on coal and population, but you learn a lot about various aspects of life, from sexuality to the number of cigarettes per person in each country.

The most photographed places on the planet

Map of women's sexuality

Map of emotion

The number of cigarettes per capita

The number of metal bands per capita

The amount of love in the world

The number of redheads in Europe

Where you want to be born (data analysts EIU)


Map of racial tolerance

How many Beers can you buy on minimum wage in each country

The number of atheists in the world

People 25-34 years of age in Europe who live with their parents

Countries where homosexuality is considered a crime

In each of these regions lives of 1 billion people

Education leaders

The most popular country in the world

Source: Koffboy.com


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