Remote health monitoring

In conditions of constant time pressure to carve out time going to the clinic is not so simple. However, concern about own health makes the search for ways out of this situation. One of the options was remote diagnostics, which enables to obtain some information about the condition of the body without visiting the health facilities.

Remote health monitoring enables you to monitor health status in real-time. To do this, engineers develop special medical devices which, for example, can take basic tests or to determine the presence of cancer cells in the body.

But the widespread use of home labs is still far because of their high cost. Therefore, the only available alternative to a trip to the clinic is still a medical sites providing services for remote health monitoring.

These thematic portals have nothing to do with the definition of karma according to the pictures, the establishment of energy of contact, and other elements of esotericism. Medical websites are qualified professionals who will consult you on any issue concerning health.

Free doctor consultation in Internet can sometimes replace the trip to the clinic or to save some time looking for the right specialist. The significance of such services as remote monitoring of health indicators, recognized even at the state level by running to the development of the relevant project in the framework of the General state vector in the field of health, aimed at improving the quality and duration of life of the population.

While related sites are helping people all possible services. For example, symptomchecker on signs is capable of diagnosing a particular disease. Also on our website you can find information regarding any medication to read information about its indications and contraindications.

In addition, medical website remote health monitoring that will help someone to understand the intricacies of laboratory tests. Just enter the required data on blood chemistry or urine, as the system will tell you what it can threaten, and how the data results conform to the norm.

However, the ideas of scientists a much more grandiose and ambitious. According to the head of the project Denis Ratnaketu, the purpose of the state is to reduce the level of disability and mortality due to early diagnosis of risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Also, the project remote health monitoring will make medicine more accessible in those regions where skilled care is difficult due to geographical features, as well as in inaccessible and remote areas.

Denis Ratnaketu notes that such technology will significantly reduce costs and increase the level of comfort people-watching for their own health. It is planned that in the near future will be created by a single remote monitoring Center and emergency response, which is based on automated remote monitoring system health, in the unmanned mode to solve three main tasks:

• Monitoring of vital indicators of the health of a person in automatic mode with subsequent analysis of the data;

• Definition of possible risks and development of controlled diseases;

• Organization immediate departure of the emergency response services in case of a critical deterioration in vital signs.

While in test mode are the sphygmomanometers and scales that transmit information about measurements into a single database via the Internet. But the device list will eventually expand. First and foremost devices cardiac monitoring and monitoring of endocrine.

Each user will be able to control the availability of data, opening them if necessary, specialists for analysis of health status, diagnosis, or view the dynamics of the measurements over a certain period of time.

In the system at all stages of its creation and functioning will work experienced doctors. Now the work involved specialists from the Federal Center of heart blood and endocrinology named after V. A. Almazov. Also expressed a desire to participate in the project of the German scientists at the European research center. In the future, the list of institutions providing its professionals will only increase.




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