Saab Remote Tower System—a novelty for airports

In all the airports of the world there are control towers. Air traffic controllers help pilots to navigate in space, to alert you to favorable or unfavorable weather conditions, as well as give them tips and instructions for landing, takeoff, and more. That is such the HSE is an integral part of every airport on this planet. But the engineers from Saab have developed and are testing the control tower, which can work with several airfields, being them in the far distance.

Remote control tower has already started its work in Sweden, Norway and Australia. While she is able to serve airports located her at a distance of 100 miles, so the Saab engineers placed it between two small cities. Due to this the control tower can work simultaneously with two airfields.

It works with the new system Saab Remote Tower System, which is installed in the tower. This technology uses a huge number of various equipment. At the airport installs a lot of high-resolution cameras, microphones, and weather sensors. All information is transmitted over the network straight to the control tower. In the command and control station mounted circular screens broadcasting the events at the airport. There are also displays other information received from various sensors. With this equipment the remote job Manager is practically no different from working at the airport.




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