The most mind-boggling rules and prohibitions in force in USA

Some just mind-boggling rules do not napridumyvali in the United States: a ban on carrying ice cream in pockets, and restrictions on the manufacture of atomic bombs in the home and other equally outrageous.

In Massachusetts, the crime is officially considered to own exploding Golf balls

In the same mA with a spectacular and expiration of gift certificates – seven years!

In Alaska, the law provides penalties for those who will Wake the sleeping bear to photograph it

In the state of Connecticut is prohibited pruning of trees for the destruction of raccoons

The laws of the state of Delaware banned the trade in dog hair

A similar prohibition applies in Georgia, but there he refers to the trade squirrel tails

In Illinois there is a law requiring sellers of reptiles to warn buyers about the danger that threatens them if they'll kiss their Pets

In Kansas thought to prohibit "actions to change the weather" without a special permit

Official rules for trade adopted in Patterson, new Jersey, require traders ice cream "not be annoying"

Looks less suspicious of the rule prohibiting residents of new York city walk with ice cream in your pocket. Besides, it operates only on Sundays, which generally blows the roof " from the uninitiated!

In agricultural North Carolina law establishes that the waste fed to pigs should be thoroughly cooked

The authorities of the state of Oklahoma introduced a ban on the use of a toy yo-yo (YOYO) for fishing

Seems pretty grim life in Oregon, where there is a special law prohibiting hunting... in a cemetery

And here in Rhode island for some unfathomable reason it took the law establishing liability for theft of stone walls

In Utah, the ban on driving while intoxicated includes an exception – it does not apply to riding on horses and other animals

The US capital city of Washington foibles: there's the responsibility for the demonstration of the hypnotized people in the shop Windows

Fishermen in Ohio a very difficult life, judging by the ban "to make splashes water at fishing using nets"

Panikovski under any circumstances would not emigrated to Missouri! There is illegal to collect money by pretending to be blind

In the County of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands awaits you, imagine the penalty for... the production of the atomic bomb




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