The vine that captured the Southeast USA

Pueraria lobate (Pueraria lobata) of the Legume family, known on the North American continent under the name "kudzu"— alien alien Liana-type plant was imported to USA from Japan in 1876 to combat erosion. Climatic conditions came this plant to their liking, and it began to spread uncontrolled in the South-Eastern United States, capturing the vacant lots and taking root in forest ecosystems. For three days the kudzu vine is able to grow 1 meter. Under the canopy of Pueraria, which is one solid green blanket and other herbaceous plants, shrubs and young trees generally do not survive. It is therefore not surprising that after some time this plant became known as "the vine that swallowed the South". Currently, kudzu in the US captures around 50,000 hectares annually.

To deal with this plant is extremely difficult, as the rhizome of Pueraria able to penetrate to a depth of over 10 meters. Enterprising Americans decided to fight the Pueraria biological methods and had introduced its natural enemy, the "kudzu bug", which, be wrong about, in their new homeland is more relished crops of legumes. The result of the annual direct and indirect damage from Pueraria lobate in the US has reached $ 500 million.

Just the other day installed one unpleasant feature of this plant. Puraria laposta promotes the release of carbon dioxide from the soil. As a result of invasion of the kudzu on the North American continent in the planet's atmosphere every year is 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 deposited in 5 million hectares of forest or burning 2.3 million tons of coal annually (i.e. this is equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of American cities by population 1 million).

In Russia, Pueraria lobed (Pueraria lobed) was introduced into the South of the Russian black sea coast. Just today in the Central district of Sochi made here are photos of the slope, captured in this vine.

This is not the only place of growth Pueraria in Sochi. If you drive along Kurortny Prospekt, you can see in many places (near Matsesta, Hosta) slopes, captured by this alien species. However, Colchic forests while successfully resist this adventice.

Now about the methods of struggle. As you know most malicious enemy of any kind of plants and animals is man. It is only this kind become the object of economic interests. So many species of plants and animals become rare or endangered. Kudzu also may find application in the economy. Its leaves make salads, stuffed cabbage, and boiled flowers nice jam. Cattle from the leaves of this vine are also "crazy". It remains the case only "for PR".


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