The riddle of the Fermi bubbles

More than four years was engaged scholars Accelerator National Laboratory and Stanford study of data provided by space gamma-ray telescope Fermi, and also appeared in the result of a series of other experiments.

Experts hope to use them to understand the nature of enormous bubbles extending above and below the disk of our galaxy thousands of light-years. Unfortunately, still remains a mystery, first, their gamma bright, glow in-the second, the size of these bubbles with a clear outline. Another one of the mysteries lies in the misunderstanding of why and in microwaves, and gamma-ray equally sanctified are most close to the galaxy part of the bubbles, while the microwave glow is fading evenly in the third bubble, which galaxy is farthest.

The Fermi bubbles are different from other galactic bubbles, and that what they greatly complicate the work of astrophysicists who have never even had hypotheses about their origin. Maybe your creation they owe a huge jets of matter, which is a huge black hole, which is the center of our galaxy? Or they formed a huge population of stars that formed from the outside a hole large amount of gas, and exploded about the same time as a supernova?



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