The little things that give away Your age

Many women over forty are lining up for a face-lift or wrinkle removal. But if it helps to hide the age? More often than not, because focusing on the wrinkles, women forget about the little things that betray them.

From tip of nose to ear lobes the fact that the earlobes and the tip of the nose does not stop growing until late old age. Accordingly, with age, they lengthen and SAG. Often plastic surgeons put emphasis on the fact that the effect of a facelift without rhinoplasty is much less expected. See also: Best treatments for periorbital rejuvenation. There are different methods of rejuvenation of the tip of the nose. For example, the introduction of fillers in the nasal turbinate. Experts say that this method is similar to rhinoplasty, not only has the rehabilitation period. Another method, which will help prevent pulling the tip of the nose, massage. Circular motion specialist handles the wings of the nose, moving the partition and on the cheeks to the ear lobes. By the way, to restore the ear lobe is possible with injections of hyaluronic acid or fat injection requires a (fat grafting). To reduce the effects of unwanted ear stretching in advance, worry about the weight of earrings that You wear. Remember, the more you weigh, the earrings, the more they stretch the ear lobe. The neckline Is quite effective way to maintain the perfect frame neck is a special thread. A so-called "necklace of Venus" correct by entering under the skin of the gel from the heated plasma of the patient. The fact that in addition to the direct effect of smoothing, this gel stimulates internal processes, creating a rejuvenating effect. However, the effect of any procedures necessary to secure and maintain with the help of special creams for the neck and décolleté.See also: non-invasive techniques improving skin condition. Treacherous bend Beautiful bend of the neck depends on the lifestyle. With age and due to hormonal changes in the area of the seventh cervical vertebra appear body fat. But this can be avoided. Regular massages, special amenities and an active lifestyle, and You will not have to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon. Can I have Your pen? Hands show our age. Even in young girls after 20 hands begin to appear vein. But with age, the process is only getting worse: age spots appear and skin becomes dry and inelastic. The most effective way at the moment is lipofilling. The fat that is injected under the skin, smooths and nourishes hands from the inside, giving the skin a more healthy and youthful appearance. There is also a technique and suturing of blood vessels to hide the protruding veins. And the pigmentation is removed by means of injections and laser. Knees and actisystem two effective way for the return of youth to the elbows and knees. The first is masonite. With their help, formed contour, reduces the sagging skin, and create a frame which does not allow the skin to continue to SAG. The second method consists in introducing into the problem area of your own fibroblasts, which are grown in the clinical setting. That is, from a patient sample grown material, which subsequently he entered. This procedure has not only cosmetic effect, but also rejuvenates the joints from the inside. As for prevention, the special strengthening creams, massages and exercise is clearly not to be redundant. Napoleonico, there are many signs by which one can determine the true age of the person, and each of them developed its own method of rejuvenation. But it is not necessary to do everything at once, because instead of the desired rejuvenation you can obtain quite the opposite effect.



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