5 reasons to read books


People who love reading (not just summary criminal Chronicles or reports of sports matches) differ from people who do not like to read.

These differences are not always very clear, but psychologists (and their colleagues from other areas of medical science) have figured out that reading is useful. Why? A few of the reasons to continue.


Oh, by the way, some of the reasons seem to people who love to read, something self-evident fact. But, believe it or not, not everyone understands all this.

1. Increase vocabulary zapasowej to Express their thoughts in a word — is not given from birth. To choose from several alternatives the correct word, succinctly reflects the meaning, so here is a challenge task. And if to punctuate his speech with inserts type "nuuu", "etoooo", "whatever", nobody will listen to what they wanted to say "speaker". But smooth it, consisting of the right words, so to speak, attracts attention.

In addition, reading also improves the literacy of the person. After reading several hundred times the word "Hello", very few people will write "Hello" or to distort the word even once.

2. Communication with людьмиc7961ed143.jpg

Some people, imagining the reader, immediately think of the kind of bookworm in huge glasses and is very shy. On the contrary, most lovers of reading can give you a head start in the sense of communication abilities all the way.

3. Uverennosty in a situation where you need to prove any point of view, a person, a lot of reading, most other have their way. Erudition and knowledge of the subject makes us confident.

4. Reading helps отвлечься0e36aacc3b.jpg

In other words, reading can sometimes serve as a means of relieving stress. Distracted, I went into the world of the author's imagination — and here, own the problem no longer seems so difficult. Often psychologists recommend reading the abstract for people who are overly fixated on any problems.

5. Reading develops paatsama themselves, the desire to follow the storyline, trying to remember all the names of the characters (which in some books, well, a lot) leads to improved memory. We present a huge amount of detail, reading a book, and it also helps to improve memory and the development of thinking.


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