In Portugal, find use for used vegetable oil

Note that such points exist in most municipalities in the country, according to the Portuguese environment Agency (APA). By the way, in Portugal believe that this is not enough, in 2015 a new point by collecting waste vegetable oil appears in every third municipality.

Note that used oil, households, restaurants and cafes of Portugal should be taken for recycling and disposal. As for taking the oil from the citizens, then there is a greater role played by municipalities, which form a network of separate collection of this type of waste.

The Northern region has the highest number of points by the number of collection points or 37.4% of the required amount, followed by the center of the country (19,7%), Alentejo (18,3%), Lisbon (18,6%) and the Algarve (5%). In 2011 it was collected, and disposed of 9436 tons of used oil. In 2012, most waste was sent to the national operators. After processing the waste vegetable oil can be used in the manufacture of glycerin, soap or biodiesel.

The total volume of biodiesel produced in 2012, of 11.4% was made from recycled oil.



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