Solar panels used for decoration of facades

Solar panels, though, and in General are for our environment and economy are useful, but quite attractive in terms of their appearance. Few people would think to decorate their building with solar panels. Unless artists films about the sixties or seventies when this style was quite popular and ultra-modern.

But employees of the company S. M. I. T. were able to prepare solar panels that look like petals ivy. They will look great on the facade of any home.

As it turned out, the ivy, has the ability not only absorb energy, as some lamps as ivy, which the world have long been known, but directly to produce energy independently. As the company has created the real battery in the form of leaves of this plant.

On the facades of many buildings, especially old houses, quite often it grows wild grape and ivy. It is also environmentally friendly and quite beautiful. Similar climbing plants on the walls of the structure gives it great beauty and a certain solidity and aesthetics. It is impossible to tell about the simple solar panels that the majority of put on roofs, as close as possible to the sun and away from the eyes of strangers.

But the specialists of the above mentioned companies were able to develop solar panels that his looks resemble ivy leaves of large size. Them, in contrast to simple panels, can be better to use in decoration, to hang on the facade of the building. They will look just fine, as it is with this purpose and developed.

At home with these "green" solar, environmentally friendly ivy on the facades will look very solid, historical, ecological and attractive, with thickets of wild vines, or the real ivy on them.



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