Spasm of the blood vessels of the brain: a treatment of folk remedies

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Spasm of the blood vessels of the brain can cause not only serious violations of the cardiovascular system, the kidneys and thyroid, and maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle. The disease occurs most often in Metropolitan areas, where a very high rate of employment, and therefore to stay in almost no time.

It reduces the tone of blood vessels, along with a poor environment, a love of strong soft drinks (black tea and coffee), Smoking and alcohol consumption.

Pathological causes of the disease are cervical degenerative disc disease, aneurysm (deformation of the wall of the artery or vein), vascular dystonia.

Symptoms (headache, nausea, vomiting, pain, loss of sensitivity of any part of the body, memory lapses, impaired vestibular and vocal apparatus) occur at intervals greater or lesser extent.

With the General malaise and the common symptoms persist, you must contact the clinic and pass the diagnostics, which include MRI (imaging of the cervical and brain magnetic resonance imaging and investigation results), as well as ultrasound of these departments.

If the cause of the disease is unhealthy lifestyle, then the treatment of the spasm may be limited to the intake of herbal infusions and light of medicines, as well as changes in their habits in relation to the mode of the day and nutrition.

Diet during treatment spasm need to eliminate all harmful products, including sausages, dairy products high fat, chocolate, black tea, coffee and cocoa, and include raw vegetables, cereals and juices, fat, fish, fruit, more apples.

Helps to relieve spasm hydrotherapy (cold foot bath lasting 3 — 5 minutes) and herbal medicine (1 tbsp nettle or hawthorn, brewed 1 Cup boiling water and insist 10 minutes, take 1/2 Cup, morning and evening).

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with all the attendant regulations, including the inclusion of exercise, contrast showers and a positive attitude are preventive measures that protect the organism from such serious diseases, as spasm of the blood vessels of the brain.



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