How original to dry the leaves or herbarium creative

Dry leaves are used in many craft projects, as the very nature has endowed them with beauty and texture. But there is no limit to perfection and, if desired, it is possible to improve even this natural material, bringing to him a little bit of originality and imagination.

What we need:
  • fallen leaves;
  • marker;
  • book;
  • tissue paper.
Process izgotovleniya first need to collect the leaves. It is important to follow a few rules. The leaves should not be dry — we dry them ourselves. But they should change its color. Usually these leaves still hang on trees. You can collect every now and then, but make sure they're not dried completely. Leaves necessarily need a whole, without breaks or other damage. For a more interesting result sheets can be with dark spots. Our "catch" must be carefully smoothed, cleaned from dust and debris.

Then a thin black marker or felt-tip pen, trace the veins of leaves, all the spots and border color. Additionally, the patterns can simply finish themselves. Painted so the leaves should be spread on tissue paper. Ensure that the edge is not jammed. Also note that between the sheets must remain gaps, but each sheet is wrapped in a separate piece of paper. The top and cover with tissue paper.

Leaves, wrapped in paper, put between the pages of some thick book, additionally you can press down on top with something heavy. This design should be left to dry leaves. When the leaves dry, they become original and unusual appearance.



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