Habits that are programmed for poverty


1. The habit of feeling sorry for yourself

Habits of poverty begin with incessant self-pity and mourning his unfortunate fate. Not the figure, not the income, not education, not the apartment, not the weather, not the kind of prodavshica in the supermarket — everything, absolutely everything around may be cause for self-pity and laments on her misfortune.

Meanwhile, people who are accustomed always to spare himself, quickly loses the sympathy of others. Pity this poor guy is endless, but you need something to do, and myself. Eternal hypochondriac aloof from him did not expect (he can only whine), it did not name the company. As a result, it is critically little personal relationships, without which it is almost impossible to make a career, get into an interesting project. Feeling sorry for yourself is the best way to get hold of low-paying jobs and a gray existence.

2. Habit to save all

If the store you first look for the Department with the sale if you think that colleagues at work are paid more when they work less than you, if never lend, do not leave the waiter a tip and I believe that with your salary you can't have a child, then, most likely, the habits of poverty, you are already sitting.

Analysts say the desire for total savings is not a sign of reasonable thrift, and an indication that a person has no balance between revenues and expenditures. Wealthy people are just willing to pay for things their real value. And, in addition, is willing to pay for someone else's work — and the same expects from others.

3. Habit to evaluate all banknotes

Only programmed the poverty of the people think that happiness can be only provided if you receive a salary with many zeros. What is not to enjoy life and be happy, if there is no expensive clothes, his house, prestigious car. Sociologists argue that the question “What do you need to be happy?” to transfer wealth begin only the poor.

People with higher incomes is called true love and friendship. While the actual wealth they do not call Bank account. According to them the rich — those who can raise money, organize new businesses from scratch. The truly successful person does not depend on volumes of own bag with gold.

4. The habit of panic when the money runs out

When just when one thought that you can get laid off, you quickens the pulse, it can be a sign of inner poverty programmes. The rich people's money are not the same size: they are today, tomorrow. And so the circle.

5. The habit of spending more than you earn

You grind away at two jobs but still not enough money? It's time to change something! If people do not understand what a loan is different, then the rich will not be exact.

6.Habit to do unloved business

If not me, then who? Psychologists say that people who are engaged in unloved business — potentially willing to failure and poverty. The reason is the feelings that cause them the need to do unpleasant things to them. To eradicate this habit, you need to do is not what someone needs, and what causes the greatest satisfaction. Only in this area can achieve great results!

7. Habit to stay away from relatives

Very good losers are obtained from those who are moving away from your family. “Why do I have to call mother-in-law — she had, that even calling...”, “Uncle Sasha and aunt Natasha is just farm, no need to call them, but what about us think?”, “Dad, you don't remember being scolded by my yard at all? Yes, when I was only four years old, but I have not forgotten...”

Meanwhile, all the “hereditary” wealthy family is the most cherished value in the world. After all, it is possible to find comfort and support when in all other spheres of life crisis occurs. Think about it. published



Source: easyfinance.ru/my/wikiwrapper/privychki-kotorye-programmiruyut-na-bednost


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