TOP 10 types of businesses who benefit from Your loneliness

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© Sarolta Ban TOP 10 types of businesses who benefit from your loneliness. If you're working in one of these areas? They never admit that they have a direct interest in the increasing number of lonely people in the world, but it is. "Live one, consume more!". On objectivity does not pretend, but purely to think about. What do men, after parting with his woman? Right, thumps. Yes, and women, alone, dramatically increase the consumption of alcohol. So unequivocal the first place I give the producers of alcohol. Couple heterosexual homo sapiens will find more interesting things to do, and not even one. And separately as they try to fill each other nice liquids. Sometimes for months, and even years. Second place. Leisure single — night clubs, discos, bars, etc. a Lot, in advance, the established couples can be found in rave? Institutions do not sell the dance, and hope for a different duration contacts. Again, not without the help of alcohol, even more firmly ensconced in first place in this list. "Today nobody fell for it? It does not matter, freedom is great, by the way, the toast ready".

The third place I give Dating services. Online or offline, but the profit of these services is directly proportional to the number of single people. "Your friend in the wrong direction stir the sugar in a Cup of tea? Not a problem, come to us and find a new one!" In General, all social networks perform in the function of partner search, though not always directly. So third place in online communities honored.

Fourth place at brands. No, I'm not a reactionary and not saying that in a family there should be only one machine. But I am sure that many families instead of buying the second car would prefer to spend the money on something else. This consideration does not concern couples with incomes much above the average, when the costs of a second car will not affect the quality of life. But such people are still in society a minority.

Fifth place according to the same criteria I give developers and builders. To build and sell a lot of one-bedroom apartments is much more profitable than a smaller number of two-bedroom. It is a fact, well known to those working in the field of real estate: margin with a meter odnushki above. So objectively, this category of business gets extra profit from the increase in the number of single people.

Sixth place after some doubts, I still awarded to oil producers and refiners. 2 cars will eat more than one, with a few exceptions. Let's just not assume that we compare two of the Oka with one Parsem. It is advantageous if the fuel producers, to the two people there were 2 cars? Profitable. I understand that 2 cars can be in one family — I wrote that was questionable.

Seventh place was taken by hotels. Two single rooms bring more than one double. This criterion is also obvious to those who have ever booked yourself a room. It is clear that the total revenue of hotels in the world economy is negligible. But I note that this TOP is not about quantitative criteria, but about quality. Otherwise the oil industry will occupy all positions from first to one hundredth.

Eighth place, you will laugh, I gave producers of bed linen. Alone you sleep or two and the kit will be one for each bed. 2 beds – 2 sets. Of course, the volumes with the oil industry not to compare, but a question of principle. The business needs to be on this list!

Ninth place went collectively to the various trainers, coaches, psychologists and the heads of all groups and sections. It is only at first sight strange to combine them, but the logic of iron, I assure you. Among the clients of various trainings and workshops the vast majority of single women. They are sad, lonely, not enough socialization. Exchange if a single woman is a rare man for another training session on weaving mandalas? Oh, hardly. With psychologists and psychotherapists so all is clear: if you don't treat depression, although child injuries — to do something still patient today, nothing.

In tenth place I compete with agents real estate rental and manufacturers of antidepressants. To combine them is difficult, but to choose between them is not easy.

Why I did not include banks with a loans? Two different turns. On the one hand, and cars, and apartments, they give out loans, and number of credits associated with the number of people willing to buy different nishtyaki. On the other hand, here recently my friend unmarried man with a large income not received the credit and his married employee received. So I don't know, banks are more profitable society the society of single or paired?

Why do I have this rating? And then, that capitalism rules, and it is necessary to distinguish their interests from those of another business. Mercantile coupled pair, in my opinion, better than drunk and lonely. And traffic will be less, the environment will improve.



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