Peter Mamonov about the meaning of life

Seventy nine million two hundred forty five thousand four hundred ninety one

Famous for its eccentricity, the Russian actor and musician worthy to listen to him for hours. However, about himself he is much more modest opinion. — Everyone along the way man — angel. He's a helper and was found no wonder. Or is it you, or the likes. The other is not given. I had the case in his youth. We had a drink with a friend, broke up later. In the morning, calling to see how you made it, and I say: he's under the train fell, both legs cut off. The trouble is unbearable, isn't it? I went to him in the hospital came, he said, "You're good, and here I am..."— and the blanket opened, and there... horror! He was a proud man. And became modest, cheerful.
Put prostheses, wife, four kids, a children's writer, with happiness filled to the ears. This is how the Lord heals the soul diseases physical! May not happen with a man of grief, would be proud of then — and withered, as the crust stale. This is hard to bear, but the closest way to cleanse the spiritual. You need every minute to learn, every minute to think what to say. And to create, to build, to create.
Life sometimes has these attacks — cure. "Punishment" from the word "mandate". And the mandate is lesson teaching. God teaches us like a father caring. Puts the little boy in the corner, that the next time he didn't do bad. The child is torn, and his father holding his hand to the tram does not hit. And God. Temptation is a test. And the exam why? In order to pass it. In these tests, we become purer and purer. Gold in the fire burning so that it became clean. And our souls. We must endure tribulation without complaint, without question "for what?". This is our way.

The true meaning of life is to love.

— Why do we live? For years, I did not answer this question — ran by. Was high, drank, fought, saying, "I'm home". And the true meaning of life is to love. It means to sacrifice and to sacrifice is to give. The scheme is simple. This does not mean to go to Church, light a candle and pray. See: Chechnya, 2002, eight soldiers are standing, one on a grenade accidentally pulled the pin, and here it is spinning. Colonel, 55 years, the Church has never walked, nor one candle did not put the unbeliever, Communist, four children... belly threw himself on a grenade it to pieces, the soldiers are all alive, and the commander — in bullet heaven. It is a sacrifice. Higher than to give your life for someone else, there is nothing in the world.
In war, all is manifested. There everything is compressed. And everyday life is blurred. We think, for good deals there is a tomorrow, day after tomorrow... And if I die tonight? What will you do on Thursday, if I die on Wednesday? It seems like just yesterday was sitting next to Oleg Yankovsky, here is his jacket lying here tube. Where's Oleg? We were on the set of the film "Tsar" became friends. Much about life talked. I and after his death talk with him. Pray: "Lord, have mercy and save his soul!"That's what there is — prayer. So when I die, I don't have the luxury oak coffins and flowers. Pray guys for me because I have lived very all life.
Prayer is important in life. The word "thank you" — "save God" — this is prayer. Sometimes, glasses can't to find, ask the Creator of the Universe: "Help, Lord!"— and find. Heavenly father loves us, it is always possible to apply for help. You know what is a miracle?! We sit here with you, such worms, and can directly say: "Lord, have mercy!"Even a small request — a request to the Universe. Here krutnyak! No heroin is not lying!
The Lord is not angry guy with a stick who sitting on the cloud, believes our actions, no! He loves us more than mother, than all together. And if gives some sad circumstances — it means that our soul needs it. Remember my life in moments when it was hard, hard, — that's the buzz that's where cool! Napisales I have such a thing: the worse the conditions the better cats. Just like this…

Love is to wash the dishes out of turn.

To see the good, to cling to him — the only productive way. The other person may do many things wrong, but he's definitely good. Here in this thread and have to pull, and stuff to ignore. Love is not a feeling, but action. No need to burn African feelings to the old woman, giving her a place in the metro. Your act — also love. Love is to wash the dishes out of turn.

Save yourself, and that you

— It is impossible to tell about the pineapple flavor unless you try. It is impossible to talk about, what is Christianity without trying. Try to concede, to call Ludke, which is not talked in five years and say, "People, let's finish this story: I said something wrong, you said... Let's go to the movies". You will see how the night will go well! Everything returns a hundredfold to you, a loved one, but not rags, but a state of mind. That's true happiness! But to achieve it, every minute you have to think what to say, what to do. It's all creation.
Look at what is happening around you: how many good people, clean, awesome, fun. If we see crap — then it is in the us. Like connects with like. If I say: here come the thief — so, I'll steal if not a thousand dollars nail. Don't judge people, look at yourself.
Save yourself — and you are done. Bring back the God in yourself, turn your eyes, your eyes not outward, but inward. Love yourself, and then feelings turn into love for one's neighbor — that's the norm. We are all perverts. Instead of being generous — greedy. Live on the contrary, on the head go. To stand on his feet is to give. But if you gave ten thousand dollars, and later regretted, thought that you had to give five, your good deeds count, not.

I have lived today someone from this was good?

Every night you have to ask yourself a simple question: I have lived today someone from this was good? Here I am, a famous artist of the steep, rock-n-roll — can you speak so that you toe the line will go. But does make me feel better? Or you? One of the names of the devil — "separating". Inner devil inspires: you're right, man, let's all build! I try not to be so. Advance in his spiritual work every day. Mosquito steps.
Don't want nothing to be proud of: his role in the movie "the Island", nor with his verses or songs, — you want the edge to look at it all. I wonder — every day I have every day the sky is different. And one day is like another. Happiness that was to notice. I missed a lot, I'm sorry. About it I cry internally, of course. Could be cleaner and better. One person said you wrote these songs because I drank vodka. But I wrote them not because of vodka, but in spite of. From the height of his 60 years, I say it is impossible to lose in this life another minute, time is short, life is short, and it can be beautiful every moment. It is important to get up in the morning and remove around. If I woke up in a bad mood, don't drink port wine, and say: "Lord, I'm bad. I hope you, nothing works out for me". Here the movement is most important.



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